Players’ Championship Live: Edin steals to win title

April 16, 2017, 3:07 PM

TORONTO — Sweden’s Niklas Edin stole in the seventh and again in the eighth to edge Winnipeg’s Mike McEwen 5-3 for the WestJet Players’ Championship men’s title Sunday.

Edin also clinched the Rogers Grand Slam Cup earlier in the day and banks a total of $105,000.

Edin looked to make a double takeout in the second, but hit and rolled under, giving McEwen an open draw into the eight-foot circle for a deuce. The tables turned in the third with McEwen jamming on a double attempt and Edin making an open draw for two.

McEwen blanked the fourth and was forced to a single in five. It looked like McEwen was in position to score a bunch until Team Edin third Oskar Eriksson fired a rocket to get a triple takeout and declutter the house while spinning the shooter up to the button buried.

The blank also wasn’t an option after McEwen hit and rolled out with his first skip stone allowing Edin to make a come-around draw to lie one buried off to the side of the rings and force McEwen to draw himself — landing on the lid — for a point.

Edin fired a raise takeout and stuck it to get his one in the sixth to tie it again and pull ahead stealing one in seven when McEwen wrecked on a guard. McEwen was light on the draw with his last in eight.

The Karlstad native captured the WFG Masters and Tour Challenge titles to start the Pinty’s Grand Slam of Curling season with his first couple series championships.