Format for the Players’ Championship


The Players’ Championship features 12 men’s and 12 women’s teams. Both men’s and women’s divisions are split into two pools of six teams for round robin play.

All events in the Pinty’s Grand Slam of Curling series are played utilizing the five-rock rule.

The winners of this event will receive invitations to the Champions Cup, which is the final event of the season and showcases all of the winners from major events in curling.

Playoff Qualification

After all round-robin matches are completed, the top eight teams based on win/loss records from the field of 12 teams advances to the playoff round or tiebreaking system. Teams will then be re-ranked by their “round robin” win/loss records, and if tied by their “shootout scores.” Tiebreaker games will be eight ends. Should more than one tiebreaker draw be needed, the head official reserves the right to change tiebreakers to six-end games. *Shootout scores can achieve qualification, but not elimination without playing a tiebreaker match.

*Exception: Team(s) at 2-3 may be eliminated from tiebreakers, as a maximum of two tiebreaker draws will be played. Also, teams with 1-4 records cannot qualify for the playoff round.