Team Rocque lead Jen Gates and second Taylor McDonald sweep a rock during the 2016 Players' Championship in Toronto. (Photo: Anil Mungal)

Introducing the GSOC Sick Shot Challenge

October 23, 2016, 4:53 PM

The Pinty’s Grand Slam of Curling tour is about to get a whole lot crazier this season.

Introducing the GSOC Sick Shot Challenge: part scavenger hunt, part trick shot contest and all shenanigans open to all teams competing in the series.

Our curlers spend a lot of time together on the road, which usually leads to wacky antics that end up on social media. The GSOC Sick Shot Challenge combines that aspect with trick shots (because who doesn’t like watching gnarly curling shots?) to see which team can one-up the opposition and raise the bar this season.

While the GSOC Sick Shot Challenge showcases the lighter side of the sport, it’s not just bragging rights at stake with a winner-takes-all $5,000 grand prize.

We assembled a handbook for teams outlining all of the rules and a checklist of challenges for each event.

The history of the Pinty’s GSOC series plays a huge role with teams having to recreate famous shots from past events. For example, with the WFG Masters coming up, teams can take a crack at mimicking Mike McEwen’s four score from the 2014 men’s final.

There are different types of challenges: “City Challenges” involve some aspect of the event location while “Star Challenges” are graded from one-to-five stars, based on style and execution, with each star multiplying the base point total.

The crown jewel is the contest’s namesake: the “Sick Shot Challenge.” Teams have the whole season to produce their most outstanding creative trick shot. It’s worth the most points and could ultimately decide which team wins in the end.

Standings will be updated right here on after every event and make sure you follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest videos.

Less chat, more challenges. Here’s a sample of what to expect:

Happy Halloween: Throw a rock while wearing a Halloween mask (50 points)

Tongue twister: Say “GSOC Sick Shot Challenge” five times fast (25 points)

”We’re keeping it tight here people”: Throw a rock while also eating a fruit or vegetable (150 points)

Loosely based on the catchphrase of our emcee Pete Steski. Proper nutrition is key to curling at the elite level, but can they balance it at the same time?

Special thanks to Team Rocque for their video submissions, which also earned them the “early bird special” bonus (100 points) jumping out to an early lead in the standings!