Qualification for the Humpty’s Champions Cup

champions cup

A total of 15 men’s teams and 15 women’s teams will compete in the Humpty’s Champions Cup. Teams must win one of the events listed below in order to qualify.

Teams qualifying for the tour spots will be notified Feb. 1, 2017. Winners of WCT events after Feb. 1 will still be eligible if additional WCT/CCT winners are required to complete the field.

In the event that a team wins two of the events listed (e.g. a team wins the Masters and the National) the winner of the next ranked WCT/CCT event based on strength of field will be invited to complete the 15-team field.


Men’s Qualifying Events Women’s Qualifying Events
Humpty’s Champions Cup defending champ
Reid Carruthers
Humpty’s Champions Cup defending champ
Jennifer Jones
WFG Masters/Tour Challenge (Tier 1)/European Championship
Niklas Edin
WFG Masters
Allison Flaxey
Boost National
Brad Jacobs
Tour Challenge (Tier 1)
Val Sweeting
Meridian Canadian Open/Tim Hortons Brier
Brad Gushue
Boost National
Kerri Einarson
Princess Auto Elite 10
John Morris
Meridian Canadian Open
Casey Scheidegger
WestJet Players’ Championship WestJet Players’ Championship
World Championship European Championship
Victoria Moiseeva
Pacific-Asia Championship
Yusuke Morozumi
World Junior Championship
Isabella Wranå
U.S. National Championship
John Shuster
Scotties Tournament of Hearts/World Championship
Rachel Homan
WCT/CCT Spot: Shorty Jenkins Classic
Kevin Koe
U.S. National Championship
Jamie Sinclair
WCT/CCT Spot: Direct Horizontal Drilling Fall Classic
Steve Laycock
WCT/CCT Spot: Colonial Square Ladies Classic
Bingyu Wang
WCT/CCT Spot: Baden Masters
Peter de Cruz
WCT/CCT Spot: Stockholm Ladies Cup
Anna Hasselborg
WCT/CCT Spot: Challenge de Curling de Gatineau
John Epping
WCT/CCT Spot: Women’s Masters Basel
Eve Muirhead
WCT/CCT Spot: Tour Challenge Tier 2
Greg Balsdon
**WCT/CCT Spot: Stu Sells Oakville Tankard
Silvana Tirinzoni
*WCT/CCT Spot: DEKALB Superspiel
Mike McEwen
WCT/CCT Spot: Tour Challenge Tier 2
Jacqueline Harrison

* World junior men’s championship winner Ki Jeong Lee declined his invitation, thus opening up a spot for another WCT/CCT winner.

** Pacific-Asia women’s championship winner EunJung Kim declined her invitation, thus opening up a spot for another WCT/CCT winner.