Meridian Canadian Open: Men’s Triple Knockout

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Note: Brackets will be updated following the conclusion of every draw.

A Event

A Quarterfinals A Semifinals A Finals A Qualifiers
(advance to playoffs)
M1: Koe 10, Kleiter 1    
M9: De Cruz 6, Koe 4    
M2: De Cruz 6, Jacobs 5    
    M13: Bottcher 9, De Cruz 5 Bottcher
M3: Bottcher 8, Carruthers 4  
  M10: Bottcher 6, Dunstone 3    
M4: Dunstone 5, Calvert 4  
M5: Epping 8, Muyres 1      
  M11: Mouat 6, Epping 3    
M6: Mouat 8, McDonald 5    
    M14: Mouat 4, Howard 3 Mouat
M7: Edin 7, Gunnlaugson 6  
  M12: Howard 4, Edin 2    
M8: Howard 5, Gushue 4  

B Event

B Quarterfinals B Semifinals B Finals B Qualifiers
(advance to playoffs)
M15: Jacobs 7, Kleiter 3    
M19: Jacobs 7, Calvert 6 M23: Howard 5, Jacobs 3 Howard
M16: Calvert 7, Carruthers 6  
M17: McDonald 8, Muyres 3  
  M20: Gushue 5, McDonald 3 M24: Gushue 4, De Cruz 2 Gushue
M18: Gushue 4, Gunnlaugson 3  
  M21: Koe 6, Dunstone 2    
  M25: Koe 7, Edin 2 Koe
  M22: Edin 8, Epping 4    

C Event

C Quarterfinals C Semifinals C Finals C Qualifiers
(advance to playoffs)
M26: Carruthers 5, Kleiter 3 M28: Epping 4, Carruthers 3 M31: Epping vs. De Cruz
M27: Gunnlaugson 9, Muyres 3 M29: Dunstone 10, Gunnlaugson 2 M32: Dunstone vs. Jacobs
M30: Calvert 8, McDonald 5 M33: Calvert vs. Edin

Triple Knockout explained

Teams must win three games before they lose three in order to advance to the playoff round. All 16 teams start in the A brackets. Winners stay in A while losers drop to the B brackets.

The winners in B remain in that bracket while the losers fall to the C brackets. The C brackets are the last chance for teams to qualify for the playoffs and once a team loses in the C brackets they are eliminated from the tournament.

Two A teams (3-0), three B teams (3-1), and three C teams (3-2) advance to the playoffs.